The good, the bad and the ugly: Jim Furyk

Jim Furyk is without doubt one of the greatest players of the ‘Tiger Era’.

FedEx it: Jim Furyk - winner of the 2010 FedEx Cup

Two year’s ago he clinched the PGA Tour’s FedEx Cup after closing out a one-shot victory over Englishman Luke Donald at the season ending Tour Championship presented by Coca Cola. Furyk’s 20-year career includes; 15 PGA Tour Wins as well as the 2003 US Open title.

In 2010 Furyk had his most successful year on tour – winning the Transitions Championship, Verizon Heritage and the Tour Championship. He ended the year by representing the USA at Celtic Manor – his seventh appearance at the Ryder Cup. Furyk’s swing focuses on two key principles – tempo and control.

These two elements have made Furyk one of the most consistent drivers of the golf ball with a driving accuracy of almost 75% throughout his career.

Mike Furyk – Jim’s father and only coach – said: “Jim needs to focus on hitting fairways, that’s exactly what his swing allows him to do.”

Swing Analysis by David Forster

BACKSWING: Furyk in action during The Open Championship 2009 - Turnberry

“Jim sets up very close to the ball. This means that he has to pick the club up steeply on the backswing, if he didn’t do this he would run out of room on the way down.

“Although he picks the club up very steep, on the way back to the ball he flattens the club right out, into a much more classic position. He does this by dropping his right elbow creating space for the club to come back to the ball.

“For the club golfer I would say that Jim’s swing would enable you to eliminate the right hand side of the golf course. The way in which he drops the club makes it very hard to hit the ball left to right. This would be a good move for players struggling with a fade/slice to practice.”


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