The good, the bad and the ugly: Bubba Watson

Bubba’s unique style has amazed us all over the past few years. His staggering swing speed, ability to work the ball and ability around the greens has allowed him to capture three wins on the PGA Tour so far.

LONG DRIVE: Bubba in full flow

Bubba’s wins at the 2010 Traveller’s Championship and the 2011   Farmer’s Insurance Open – the later coming after holding off  a late charge by Phil  Mickelson at Torrey Pines – highlighted his ability to score in the most unconventional of ways.

Peter Kostis – golf analyst and instructor – described Bubba’s swing as: “All about power. A massive weight transfer in his backswing allows him to generate the power back on the way back to the ball.”

This amount of power has meant Bubba ranked first in driving distance last season – averaging 313.5 yards off the tee.

But not only does Bubba hit the ball a long way – he shapes the ball more than most pros. His amazing 8-iron to the 13th on Saturday at the Ryder Cup started some 30 yards off line and ended up within 6 feet.

Bubba’s ability to shape shots comes from his hand speed; he is able to manipulate the ball more than many of the pros as his swing is dominated by his hands.

Teaching professional DJ Watts said: “He’s another John Daly, a long-bomber with more natural talent than most of the guys out there.”

Swing Analysis by David Forster

Bubba’s natural talent was a key area of – PGA Teaching Professional – David’s analysis of his swing and his open stance is an area where those with a higher swing speed should look to emulate the big-hitting American.

WINNER'S CIRCLE: Bubba Watson - Winner of the 2011 Farmers' Insurance Open

David said: “Bubba’s swing is very unique.

“Bubba sets up very open, this position allows him to clear his left side back through impact – something which gives him the ability to hit the ball hard.

“In the take away he is very wide and hinges his wrists late. This wide arc is how he generates tremendous club head speed and drives the ball out there.

“In Bubba’s lower half we see a huge amount of weight shift. This again is tailored towards hitting the ball a long way.”

“Following Bubba would be a good move for those with very high swing speeds – particularly his open stance which will allow you to turn through the ball a little easier.”


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