Neil Gascoigne on John Erickson’s teaching

A lot of Neil’s work comes from fellow clients of  American based professional John Erickson. Neil explains: “John has very specific requirements for his students’ golf clubs. We don’t use a modern driver. We prefer to use persimmon drivers made 10 degrees flat. And we use irons that are heavier and flattened with zero offset. It’s very unconventional – at least to a modern standard.”

“John’s method stems from the belief that all the best ball strikers were playing in the Hogan era. To hit the ball straight and accurate you need a heavier club. To him the problem with the modern game is that the clubs have been geared towards propelling the ball 300 yards but it has made them harder to hit straight. Now it’s all about bombing the ball as far as you can and hitting a wedge. Where in the past the game was about hitting every fairway and using a seven or a four iron to hit the green. The game has changed and he believes that amateur golfers play on courses which are short and they can benefit from hitting straight and accurate rather than long.”


Take a look at John Erickson work at:



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