The good, the bad and the ugly:

A look at the golf swings of: Bubba Watson, Tommy Gainey and Jim Furyk  

Outrageous swing speeds, huge changes of direction and quirky setups have become part of the PGA and European Tours in recent years.

Whether it’s long-driving Bubba Watson or the now ‘classic’ swing of Jim Furyk there is a lot the club golfer can pick up from some of the more unorthodox players in the world’s elite.

With the help of PGA Teaching Professional David Forster – of Philips Golf Discount – we take a look at some of the ways in which these swings could help amateur players.

Select a player for analysis and tips.

About Dean Bailey
I'm currently in my third year at Sunderland University, studying Sports Journalism. I'm interested in a wide variety of sports but golf is my passion. (I follow Newcastle United FC, Newcastle Falcons, Newcastle Eagles, Whitley Warriors and Leeds Rhinos.) I currently play at Backworth Golf Club, with a handicap of 11. Follow me on Twitter: @deanbailey92 & @northeastgolf Or get in touch through email:

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